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Autumn Radio is  <<< ON THE AIR >>>

That crazy looking thing below is a live image of the Autumn Radio broadcast center. It is under heavy guard in a secret location and operated exclusively by Oompa Loompa staff, 24x7x365. Powered by Cheese-Its and self aware, it is the only one of its kind and happens to be the very last creation of Steve Jobs before his passing.

Steve's last wish was that I do something big, revolutionary with it. So while I'm figuring out what that would be, I'm selfishly using it for Autumn Radio broadcasts. It also helps me with my homework.

Anyway the recordings stored inside vary widely in audio quality. Some are live, some were captured on camcorder microphones, while others were recorded in studio. 
Oh well. Enjoy!

We have enabled remote operation just for you. Go ahead and select one of the rectangular buttons and it will begin playing. The round dots represent additional pages and more selections to choose from.

NOTE: The Autumn Radio nerve center may not be available on mobile devices.